Micro Supply, Inc.

Micro Supply has been in the computer industry for well over 25 years. Micro Supply was incorporated in the State of California on January 31, 1989 and has been active in the computer industry since its incorporation.

We have been successfully providing many government organizations military, schools from K-12 to Universities and medical institutes with thousands of computer for the past decade.

Our goal is to develop a long term and mutually rewarding business relationship with you. Micro Supply, Inc. has positioned itself as a realistic alternative to the traditional market leaders by:

  • Being price competitive at all times.
  • Offering a wide range of high quality computer systems and peripherals that meet present industry standards and demands.
  • Dedicating efforts towards high level customer and technical support.
  • Being Flexible to customer needs, always working with and not against the customer, putting customer satisfaction as top priority.

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